Pewter [adjective]

Definition of Pewter:

made of lead

Synonyms of Pewter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pewter:


Sentence/Example of Pewter:

Some threw their silver and pewter ware and other valuables into wells.

Most of these were made of pewter or lead, but some have been found of silver gilt, latten, and tin.

Some poor parishes were obliged to content themselves with pewter vessels.

Mind as you're not ower keen at seein' the ins and oots o' that pewter.

Richard reached for his pewter, glad that the test was to be so light.

The women were at work melting their pewter porringers into bullets.

Sheets and table-cloths were of flax or hemp; dishes were of brass or pewter.

I see you are overpowered; there, taste the pewter and you'll get better presently.

Then, as if by accident, knocked his pewter off the table to the floor.

Next he scratched a message on the pewter after beckoning to you.