Phantasmagoric [adjective]

Definition of Phantasmagoric:


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Sentence/Example of Phantasmagoric:

All is still on a colossal scale, but playful, capricious, phantasmagoric.

It was like nothing so much as the phantasmagoric play of the northern lights.

The transaction had been so sudden as to have something of the phantasmagoric about it.

The lightning flashed and leaped about like phantasmagoric demons, as if mocking the sailors in their frantic dread.

All was wonderful, admirable, phantasmagoric beyond his wildest and dearest expectations.

Did not the dominant spirit within her bear a close likeness to his own phantasmagoric soul?

Then all at once, in a riot that afterwards seemed to her phantasmagoric, the policeman raised a forefinger in salute.

Her little world was phantasmagoric—strange shadows dancing on a sheet.

We banquet on visionary turtle, or play at aërial marbles, or drive a phantasmagoric four in hand.

All these wonders were perpetrated through the medium of a phantasmagoric lantern, which threw images upon smoke.