Phantasmal [adjective]

Definition of Phantasmal:


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Sentence/Example of Phantasmal:

They were too phantasmal and extravagant to enter into any one's fate.

As to phantasmal bodies, she would prefer to see them first.

Not this time could it be traced to some evil spell, some phantasmal influence.

Phantasmal, blanched by the dark, his flowers dreamed on the lawn.

It is easy then to picture the moor as the phantasmal haunt of lost races.

Imagination fills me at times with vast and phantasmal splendors.

But he seemed now only like one of the sad phantoms in her phantasmal past.

The splashing of the fountain was phantasmal and very far away.

However it be, Caterina's face is filmy, phantasmal, compared with my mother's.

There is not anything in the least phantasmal about the Greek god Apollo.