Phantasms [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Phantasms:

It may have been but a phantasm, born of her own fevered imagination.

It is a phantasm which has little or no connection with fact.

Yet, that experience had the sharpness of fact; while this had only the vagueness of a phantasm.

Then no exaggeration was too absurd for him, no phantasm too unreal, no climax too extreme.

Perhaps this is true—the world a phantasm and our minds fooling us.

A phantasm, in my opinion, is a phenomena that cannot be explained by any physical laws.

My first experience of this kind of phantasm occurred when I was a boy.

How still and clear is To, a phantasm with the semblance of permanence!

Should I bear apples if a phantasm seemed to come and plant me?

His presence fainted out into a phantasm, and that into nothing at all.