Phantasy [noun]

Definition of Phantasy:


Opposite/Antonyms of Phantasy:

Sentence/Example of Phantasy:

He knew it was but a phantasy, but no phantasy was ever more horrible.

The imagination, or phantasy, takes them to the rational soul.

Beauty is no phantasy, it has the everlasting meaning of reality.

The phantasy of it could only be expressed by some huge ceremonial hoax.

Or was it some phantasy that Manitou had sent to bewilder him?

It is a fine air, however, and lends itself to the phantasy of a musician.

Day and night her phantasy ran in one or other of these grooves.

He is a dreamer who struggles against the image of his phantasy.

If that were so, should we not be compelled to reject the whole of this as phantasy and deception?

And if no dagger was there, they could at once see that 'twas phantasy.