Pharisaical [adjective]

Definition of Pharisaical:


Opposite/Antonyms of Pharisaical:


Sentence/Example of Pharisaical:

We forgive his insight, because there is nothing in it Pharisaical.

There was a smirk of pharisaical satisfaction on their faces.

But he was too honest not to detect almost at once his own Pharisaical, un-Christlike spirit.

"Obvious from your pharisaical expression, perhaps," he said good-naturedly.

What shall be done to remove their noble and pharisaical indolence?

Hate witnesses only a false love; sin, a pharisaical righteousness.

Clancy sensed the slow fermentation of the pharisaical mind.

Reduced to Pharisaical tricks, they took to expounding her speeches.

There was danger of his growing up with a self-satisfied, pharisaical spirit.

The piety of the one was lofty; that of the other was technical, formal, and pharisaical.