Pharmacist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pharmacist:

I suppose he had to go and learn to be a pharmacist, but—it's hard on me.

She did not know what doctor prescribed the medicaments, nor the pharmacist who supplied them.

Addiction to a drug incapacitates the pharmacist for filling prescriptions.

I do not want the pharmacist to go the way of the book dealers.

What then, I repeat, must the pharmacist do to succeed, personally and professionally?

Its rootstock produces the well-known fìlix-mas of the pharmacist.

For fifty years he lived miserably as a pharmacist's assistant in the back of a disreputable shop in the Notre Dame quarter.

One of the male inmates had been a pharmacist, one a civil engineer; 28 had learned trades and 53 were laborers.

The necessary mixture, which must have a density of exactly 1.00, could be procured from any pharmacist.

The previous occupations of the principal promoters of this company included a lawyer, a pharmacist and two real estate brokers.