Pharynx [noun]

Definition of Pharynx:

vocal organs

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Sentence/Example of Pharynx:

Yet this wonderful appliance had neither tongue nor teeth, larynx nor pharynx.

It is just cephalad to the anterior end of the pharynx and to the hypophysis.

Thus the opening from the larynx into the pharynx is closed.

No foreign body was palpable with the finger in the pharynx.

Just back of the pharynx is the esophagus which leads to the beginning of the stomach.

Behind the pharynx comes the gullet, which leads down to the gizzard.

The first part nearest the mouth is the pharynx which merges gradually into the gullet.

The toilet of the pharynx and œsophagus remains to be decided.

From the pharynx lead off the gullet and windpipe, the former back of the latter.

Then the pharynx squeezes it down a long tube and into the stomach.