Phase [noun]

Definition of Phase:

period in life of something

Synonyms of Phase:

Opposite/Antonyms of Phase:


Sentence/Example of Phase:

That we pass out of this phase of being as we came into it, for Growth.

That consequence may be corrected in this phase of our being, or it may be carried over into the next.

There is nothing about the earth-life to make it the only phase of effort and probation.

I didn't want to go into this phase of it, but it may explain what, with your permission, I am about to do.

The enormous wealth of the country will soon adjust that phase of the situation.

The day's march had passed through the phase of coordinated action.

It is this phase of primitive society that we have to investigate.

However, that is only one phase of it—an important phase, but not the only one.

The second phase of the battle of the Aisne contained two factors.

He had to explain again the intricacies of this phase of mining.