Phases [noun]

Definition of Phases:

period in life of something

Synonyms of Phases:

Opposite/Antonyms of Phases:


Sentence/Example of Phases:

Allis was as familiar with his moods as she was with the phases of Lauzanne's temper.

She knew too much of life, in some patient fashion, to resist it, in any of its phases.

In all the phases of his career and life he has been thoroughly upright.

The more he thought, the more unaccountable all phases of the question became.

Lamborn Service in all its phases is available to you as a jobber.

She knew all its phases, as one may know all the moods of a person loved.

Both of these phases should be given in a college course in the theory of education.

A thoughtful discussion of some phases of this problem is given by Persons, art.

To one unaccustomed to their phases it seems strange to hear, 'How empty the town is!

Spiritual love is physical love, plus all the other phases of love.