Phenomenal [adjective]

Definition of Phenomenal:

astounding, exceptional

Synonyms of Phenomenal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Phenomenal:

Sentence/Example of Phenomenal:

The phenomenal increase is partly explained by the success of his poems.

It is a poor rule, they may say, that has no exceptions in phenomenal manifestation.

"I'm the 'Phenomenal Trapezist,'" announced the lad, solemnly.

Nor have they ever been answered, nor can they be answered by any one else who separates the phenomenal from the real.

The number of horses he kept, and the miles he covered with them, were phenomenal in my mind.

The growth of the parish since that time has been phenomenal.

Their divorces are phenomenal, and they are obtained on the slightest cause.

There was nothing of phenomenal character, nothing of the genius, revealed in what he did.

The 'real' is separated from the phenomenal, and truth divorced from fact.

All science is only of the phenomenal, the conditioned, the relative.