Phenomenology [noun]

Definition of Phenomenology:

study of subject and objects of a person's experience

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Sentence/Example of Phenomenology:

Yet, for the purposes of nursing, phenomenology also has its limits.

Parmenidean ontology stands completely apart from phenomenology.

Hegel wrote the last lines of the Phenomenology of Spirit within sound of the guns of Jena.

The mind as conscious, as a conscious being per se, as Ego, is the object of the phenomenology of consciousness.

Psychology is generally made (by English writers) to include, also, what is here called anthropology and phenomenology.

In the last, as Julian Schmidt says, the ever varying scenery is made a 'frame for a kind of phenomenology of mankind.'

The preface to the Phenomenology signalled the separation from Schelling—the adieu to romantic.

In the Phenomenology consciousness, self-consciousness and reason are dealt with.

It falls under the three heads of anthropology, phenomenology and psychology proper.

The Phenomenology of Spirit, regarded as an introduction, suffers from a different fault.