Philander [verb]

Definition of Philander:

be unfaithful

Synonyms of Philander:

Opposite/Antonyms of Philander:


Sentence/Example of Philander:

And Philander told me himself that he didn't know why he bought it. '

Philander drove off, shaking his head and chuckling to himself.

Philander turned and spoke to some one in the house behind him.

"I don't doubt she wants your photograph, Philander," he drawled.

Philander C. Knox was born on the hill on the east side of the river.

And I would not sacrifice my dinner to philander with Helen of Troy herself.'

I suppose when he is recovert of his wounds he will be down here to philander with her.

But it was one thing to free a horse-thief, and another to stop and "philander" with him.

No one except the members of the firm of Philander and Sons knew where he was.

Philander, to ramble on incoherently; to write discursively and weakly.