Philanderer [noun]

Definition of Philanderer:

person who has many love affairs

Synonyms of Philanderer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Philanderer:

Sentence/Example of Philanderer:

A vision of his antitype, the Cowes Philanderer, crossed me for a second.

In one of his plays—The Philanderer—a certain character has five or six natures.

His "The Philanderer" was published before a theater would accept it.

For all that he was puzzled; he had not thought Musgrave a philanderer.

"If Musgrave's not a philanderer, he's mighty dull," he said.

There is no twopenny modernism in it, as in The Philanderer.

Thorpe accepted his share with the caution of the wise man, while Dodge, not a whit less capable, took his as a philanderer.

The Philanderer, with its irresponsible levity and unexpected contortions, is a comedy of the true Shaw order.

He had even told Miss Grains that he looked upon Mr. Puffin as a "philanderer," and that "he didn't hold with philanderers."

The fourteenth man was Bayard, who belongs to a very exasperating type of philanderer.