Philandering [verb]

Definition of Philandering:

be unfaithful

Synonyms of Philandering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Philandering:


Sentence/Example of Philandering:

The boy was philandering, junketing, somewhere on the Riviera.

He was completely cured of philandering amongst the lower classes.

I certainly shouldn't, for I don't know what 'philandering' means.

We heard you come up the street, and saw you philandering on the front walk.

"No more of this man's philandering after you," he retorted.

But you'll have to pay for it, while she's philandering about with him!

Here was a nice result of his philandering, he thought bitterly.

Meanwhile Laevsky's mistress had been philandering with other men.

And how can he be certain, if there has been no philandering.

But I don't see that it leaves you much scope for philandering, Stephen, does it?