Philharmonic [adjective]

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I don't mean this kind of a public, but before a Philharmonic audience!

One of the greatest gamblers at the Philharmonic is Don Vicente.

In which case I would keep back my compositions from the Philharmonic.

They are still performed, 51 now and then, at the Philharmonic Concerts.

The Philharmonic committee had no reason to regret their arrangements.

From 1892 to 1899 he conducted the Philharmonic Concerts, and was knighted in 1894.

Percival, my sister has a word to say to you about the Philharmonic.

They had subscribed for the series of Philharmonic concerts.

Mr. Neate was at the time one of the directors of the Philharmonic Society.

I should be glad of some commissions from the Philharmonic Society, besides the concert.