Philistinism [noun]

Definition of Philistinism:


Opposite/Antonyms of Philistinism:

Sentence/Example of Philistinism:

Philistinism was the note of the age and community in which he lived.

The latter represented freedom and cleverness at war with philistinism.

To say that you do not like them is confession of your own philistinism.

This want of understanding is called by some of us your Philistinism.

So the good woman had said, showing her lack of geist—her Philistinism.

Philistinism, it seems, finds ready converts on the other side of the globe.

Provincialism is the soil in which philistinism grows most rapidly and widely.

At once you are covered with reproaches for your philistinism.

She was somewhat annoyed, and she made up her mind that there must be an element of Philistinism in his character.

It was the English part of her nature, fighting for a show of Philistinism amidst so much that was the very reverse.