Philosophies [noun]

Definition of Philosophies:

principles, knowledge

Synonyms of Philosophies:

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Sentence/Example of Philosophies:

The philosophies of Epicurus or Hume give no adequate or dignified conception of the mind.

The latest phases of all philosophies were fathered upon the founder of the school.

Another of Mr. Caryll's philosophies was that, when all is said, man is little of a free agent.

But your theologies have been almost as false as the philosophies.

From Germany have come the arts, the sciences, the philosophies of the world, and not from there.

We see, however, something of the temperament reflected in the philosophies.

This plucked and plumeless bird, comic and forlorn, is the butt of all the philosophies.

But antagonistic as these philosophies are to one another, they have one conception in common.

Like most other philosophies and prophecies, it fell on heedless ears.

"I know nothing about philosophies of life," she said at last.