Philosophizes [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Philosophizes:

For to fly and philosophize were one thing, and to philosophize in prison were another.

I endeavored to philosophize myself into calmness and indifference.

He continued to philosophize with what seemed to me a shocking freedom of mind.

The Artist was already in his sketch, but he paused to growl and philosophize.

To philosophize as a business is to miss the highest philosophy.

Most indeed reason not, nor philosophize at all, in the matter.

Of itself; seeming to indicate that we, Leontion, who philosophize, should do the same.

We breathe because we cannot help breathing and we philosophize because we cannot help philosophizing.

We philosophize for the same reason that we move and speak and laugh and eat and love.

In other words, we philosophize because man is a philosophical animal.