Phosphorescence [noun]

Definition of Phosphorescence:

luminescence from sun or other source

Synonyms of Phosphorescence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Phosphorescence:

Sentence/Example of Phosphorescence:

As on the previous night, the sea was aglow with phosphorescence.

But it was not there alone that the phosphorescence of the sea was visible.

The water was alive with phosphorescence that sparkled like gems around the blades.

There is no light in these depths: they make it with their own phosphorescence.

It could be seen by the phosphorescence its motion created, as it approached the surface.

He could see large patches of phosphorescence under the surface.

But if such sights are to be seen on the surface, what must not be the phosphorescence of the depths!

The phosphorescence of the sea may also result from another cause.

The phosphorescence of the sea is a spectacle at once imposing and magnificent.

From time immemorial, the phosphorescence of the sea has been observed by navigators.