Photo [noun]

Definition of Photo:

a still picture taken with a camera

Synonyms of Photo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Photo:


Sentence/Example of Photo:

The smoke interfered with the photo, but then it is true to life.

She took the photo out of his hands and examined it carefully back and front.

"It must be because they saw my photo in the papers," said Stephanie.

More'n a year ago that was, and there hasn't been a word passed about that photo since.

If I had known he had this photo I never would have risked coming.

My photo was needed by Mr. Furniss for the purpose of making a sketch.

He said the photo was too sacred a thing to be reproduced in a paper.

Funny thing, but it was exactly the same when they showed me the photo.

He says that only for that photo he'd have given in and just died.

If the photo were to be trusted the girl was quite the prettiest I had ever seen.