Photocopying [noun]

Definition of Photocopying:

mechanical image produced from a copier; making the image

Synonyms of Photocopying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Photocopying:

Sentence/Example of Photocopying:

This is Exhibit 92, which is a writing, a photocopy of a writing.

Lenny Poe reached out, picked up the photocopy and looked at it.

I hand you Exhibit 3-A and see if you recall seeing the original of which that appears to be a photocopy.

If it is more convenient, you may supply a photocopy of the cited reference.

Left blank in cases where photocopy has been supplied; photocopy becomes the property of the user.

Interlibrary loan, photocopy and reference procedures manual.

If it is more convenient you may supply a photocopy of the cited reference.

Please say "yes" only when you are prepared to supply the photocopy or volume quickly.

If you are supplying a monograph or photocopy, or have a book to return, call and tell us.

Exhibit No. 95 is a photocopy of many pages of typewriting, typewritten words, which are in English.