Photogenic [adjective]

Definition of Photogenic:

attractive in photographs

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Sentence/Example of Photogenic:

The photogenic cells contain a mass of granules, spherical in the male and short rods in the female.

It is difficult to determine if the nerves supply the tracheal end cells or the photogenic cells.

Each group of photogenic cells is surrounded by a clear ectoplasm containing no granules.

We see then, that air (oxygen), water, and some photogenic substance are necessary for the light production.

I should also be glad to know by whom it was first applied to photogenic purposes.

Enthusiastic over his progress in natural philosophy, he happens to speak of his photogenic studies.

Photogenic: a light producing structure; producing a Phosphorescent glow.

These early paper pictures, be it remembered, were designated "photogenic drawings."

Air-balloons and rail-roads have something funny about them; and photogenic drawings are, to say the least, very curious.