Photographed [verb]

Definition of Photographed:

take a picture with a camera

Synonyms of Photographed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Photographed:

Sentence/Example of Photographed:

When this, the utmost dimension, was reached, I photographed it.

As soon as any alteration is made in a place of worship it is photographed.

Figure 26 is from plants collected in Michigan and photographed by Dr. Fisher.

The plants in Figure 481 were photographed by Dr. Kellerman.

The plants in Figure 487 were photographed by Mr. Lloyd from typical specimens.

There is the only portrait of the illustrious Deputy, and our hostess will lend it to be photographed.

Every convolution of those filaments is photographed on my brain.

They were photographed and the photograph reproduced in that paper.

This cemetery of locomotives was photographed by the Journal.

But he was close, and he made me think of the charging rhinoceros Dugmore photographed.