Photographic [adjective]

Definition of Photographic:

exact, retentive in detail

Synonyms of Photographic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Photographic:


Sentence/Example of Photographic:

They formed on the view exactly as an image develops on a photographic plate.

No photographic fac-simile of the document, however, could be obtained.

Once he took us to be photographed with him in some big English photographic studio.

The photographic magnitudes are then unequivocally determined.

He had a photographic glimpse of one of his men emerging through a doorway.

Here I had all my photographic accessories, and here I intended to develop my plates.

The construction of a photographic camera was detailed in No. 13, Vol.

They were three photographic enlargements of a finger print.

There p. 287have been numberless reproductions, both engraved and photographic.

You will permit me to have photographic copies of each of these papers, Mr. North?