Phrased [noun]

Definition of Phrased:

group of words; way of speaking

Synonyms of Phrased:

Opposite/Antonyms of Phrased:

Sentence/Example of Phrased:

This was her phrase for having entered on the dominions of England.

You might have helped me to a phrase—A conditional kind of liking!

Having grasped a principle, we phrase it in the language of our time.

It is the phrase they always use, and the expression has the perfect wisdom of love in it.

The phrase has haunted me since I heard it, less than an hour ago.

By the most liberal interpretation no phrase of his could be construed as a reflection on the stranger.

For the first time I understood the phrase, to be 'all balled up.'

I am bound to admit that in French phrase it leaves much to desire.

Reading that phrase, you feel the earth is poorer for her loss.

She was, indeed, ill-treated; but what were we, to translate the phrase?