Phylogenetic [adjective]

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In birds, the same bones are the phylogenetic derivatives of the limbs of reptiles.

This denture is nothing else than a phylogenetic incident in the ontogeny of the whale.

The phylogenetic position of this genus has been discussed above.

This species exhibits the progressive (ontogenetic as well as phylogenetic) development of Panartus amphiconus.

Probably all Cyclodiscaria can be derived from Archidiscus, from a morphological as well as a phylogenetic point of view.

The phylogenetic connection between these families is probably very complex and very worthy of further research.

They have been shewn by Claus to be of some phylogenetic importance.

The methods were not phylogenetic, as they have since become under the influence of evolutionary belief.

The phylogenetic conclusions which follow from the above views remain to be dealt with.

The phylogenetic arrangement and nomenclature in the text beyond are mainly that of Laurie and Hill .