Physically [adverb]

Definition of Physically:

concerning matter

Synonyms of Physically:

Opposite/Antonyms of Physically:

Sentence/Example of Physically:

Physically he had considerably improved, but mentally he was not yet recovered.

Physically he had undoubtedly improved; his legs had hardened and smoothed down.

Physically, she did not interest him; in fact, the whole business bored him.

Physically speaking, so far the result has been satisfactory.

Her love affairs had left her with affections crushed and physically disabled.

But I doubt if they would have been physically thrashed in the London streets.

In the evening an attack of shivering, with other symptoms, showed she was physically ill.

Physically he resembled his father's race, whom, however, he was brought up to hate.

But physically, I fancy that it applies more obviously than it does morally.

We are asked sometimes if such tiny things can suffer other than physically.