Physiological [adjective]

Definition of Physiological:

concerning living organisms, their parts, and functions

Synonyms of Physiological:

Opposite/Antonyms of Physiological:

Sentence/Example of Physiological:

Gray also invented a 'physiological receiver,' which has a curious history.

You will attend at the physiological laboratory at twelve o'clock.

"Only not a physiological, but possibly a psychological one," remarked Arnfinn.

There is a certain amount of "physiological division of labour."

In all this he was plainly influenced by his physiological studies.

Recently it has been partially explained on a physiological basis.

Every psychical change had to be conceived as parallel to a physiological change.

They are in some way dependent on physiological and physical conditions.

Indeed, did he not "know" it to the core of its physical, if not of its physiological, being?

The bion is the physiological, as the morphon is the morphological, individual.