Physiques [noun]

Definition of Physiques:

build of human body

Synonyms of Physiques:

Opposite/Antonyms of Physiques:


Sentence/Example of Physiques:

The physique of the true fashionable is peculiar and characteristic.

Our workmen and soldiers are large in physique, but dwarfed of intellect.

It was growing stronger and stronger, as my physique remained undeveloped.

She was slight of figure and stronger of will than physique, but she did not feel the cold.

Our physique is slowly rotting, and that is the plain truth of it.

But that is all the more reason for trying to preserve our physique.

If physique went for anything this man was surely born to be a King.

I am as strong in physique as men average, but I gave out before my mother.

The physique of such peoples betrays the hardships which they have suffered.

The winds of the Rockies had entered into his character as well as into his physique.