Pianissimo [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Pianissimo:

The pianissimo of choruses and orchestras is seldom soft enough.

His speciality was extreme delicacy, and his pianissimo extraordinary.

At that part there are two pauses in quick succession, the second of which, is pianissimo.

It was very rapid, very staccato, and pianissimo all the way through.

The whole piece was intended to be played staccato and pianissimo.

The two first measures are so pianissimo that we scarcely hear them, but the vague and far-away voices come slowly nearer.

Like all love-songs it is legato, andante, and pianissimo, but at the same time noticeably original and characteristic.

Play it once pianissimo, fiddles; second time louder—bring in your horns.

Yes, I think it IS very sweet—and very solemn and impressive, if you get the andantino and the pianissimo right.

It is followed by a pianissimo chorus of the guards whispering to each other to “secure the passes round the glen.”