Pianoforte [noun]

Definition of Pianoforte:

musical instrument

Synonyms of Pianoforte:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pianoforte:


Sentence/Example of Pianoforte:

As I left him he was mildly bemoaning his own lack of skill on the pianoforte.

Would it be asking too much of you to play the pianoforte accompaniment?

Again we are indebted to Italy for the invention and name of the pianoforte.

Perhaps there would be no longer our pianoforte, our keyboard.

You transform the instrument into something that is neither an orchestra nor a pianoforte.

If it could sustain tone, it would no longer be a pianoforte.

His line is the actual manipulation of the pianoforte—the Paderewski touch.

But did you know that he's written some charming little pieces for pianoforte?

Saw the two Woods, one a pianoforte maker and the other a carrier.

This has been called the best funeral march ever written for the pianoforte.