Pickets [noun]

Definition of Pickets:

post of structure

Synonyms of Pickets:

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Sentence/Example of Pickets:

He did not care, now, if he were halted by a British picket or sentinel.

That shall go with my soldier to battle, and stand with my picket on guard.

The Captain had moored Daniel to a picket in the fence over by the freight-house.

If we take it in succession to do picket and outlook duty, the enemy will be less able to harry us.

Some time about the middle of June, the picket line was taken up.

The First brigade had been ordered to reinforce its picket line.

There was in sight no picket line either of the enemy's or of our own.

The First brigade was at once ordered to the support of its picket line.

He joined it and passed the picket as one of the train guards.

Guard—I suppose when you were in the army you often saw a picket fence?