Picking [noun]

Definition of Picking:

a chosen option, usually the choicest

Synonyms of Picking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Picking:

Sentence/Example of Picking:

She won't think much of a boy that has to pick berries for a living.

You pick one that's full-chested, that's got a fairish-sized nose, and that likes cats.

If I am discharged I think I can manage to pick up a living somehow.

Do you expect me to pick up everything you've thrown in the mud and feel grateful?

Every now and then she swerved aside to pick the red campion.

The gage had been thrown down to Andrew, and he dared not pick it up.

He made of himself but a cock, set for a while on the world's heap to scratch and pick.

He stood blinking, trying to pick up their meaning with his eyes.

Even when they did pick out novels, they were just as tough as the history books.

Why had he stooped to pick up the cloak if they were not following—if he had not been afraid of losing it?