Pickpockets [noun]

Definition of Pickpockets:

petty thief

Synonyms of Pickpockets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pickpockets:


Sentence/Example of Pickpockets:

Her one relation was a brother of high standing as a pickpocket.

When there is no more to be got out of them, he turns burglar or pickpocket, or robs a temple.

More likely because the old chap has no watch and chain for the pickpocket to steal.

In the grandest scale he is called a financier; in the meanest, a pickpocket.

"Say, boss, they've caught the pickpocket—if that's what he was," he cried out excitedly.

"Crowd chasing a pickpocket, I imagine," said Trencher indifferently.

The pickpocket plied his trade, only he was then a cutpurse.

His fingers trembled as if they were a pickpocket's near a purse of gold.

"I am no pickpocket," exclaimed the thief, as soon as he saw the officer had him.

I abused her like a pickpocket, and called her an ungrateful serpent!