Pictures [noun]

Definition of Pictures:

illustration, likeness of something

Opposite/Antonyms of Pictures:

Sentence/Example of Pictures:

Pictures also are occasionally exhibited for his instruction.

At last we got through all the rooms and all the pictures, and came out into the gardens.

So I got my first idea of what a book contained by the pictures in a spelling-book.

Mulready's illustrations of 1843 are here referred to, net his pictures.

Now, what advantage could the world expect from Benjamin's pictures?

These were the first pictures that Ben had ever seen, except those of his own drawing.

Let's go and hunt him up—and we can settle about the pictures at the same time.

She amused herself by showing Fritz the pictures in an illustrated weekly.

"No wonder you've been able to do such a lot of pictures," I said.

This picture and the one before it are not pictures of things found at Olympia.