Picturing [verb]

Definition of Picturing:

depict, describe

Synonyms of Picturing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Picturing:

Sentence/Example of Picturing:

He was now picturing the part which Glory was to play in the life they were to live together.

He had been picturing her in happiness and plenty—was she in poverty and distress?

Chet was picturing that place of "cold storage" as he smiled.

I was picturing to myself a sick-room and a sufferer, and I find you more beautiful than ever.

My father had also a way of picturing to himself every detail of what he wanted done.

Here you feel Brooke at home instantly, and the picturing is natural and easy.

Like Miss Ware, he was picturing Jim solitary and suffering in his lonely cell.

What effect does the poet secure by picturing the trees as listeners?

Immortal Jean Paul, picturing himself in Schoppe, knew this.

We should only end by picturing him as an incorrigible ninny.