Pieces [noun]

Definition of Pieces:


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Sentence/Example of Pieces:

They ruled only a few years and then their domains fell to pieces.

What could a heart then do but tear itself to pieces, think-thinking?

Cook until tender, but not so long that it will fall to pieces.

The body of the French squire had been dragged out by them and hacked to pieces.

The bond was delivered to Fox, who tore it up and flung the pieces into the fire.

If this is done, the cauliflower will darken and break into pieces.

On the walls were hung some pieces of tapestry, where there were not bookcases.

For the time at least, Sidney's world had gone to pieces about her.

Her world was in pieces about her, and she felt alone in a wide and empty place.

He tears the document, and throws the pieces about furiously.