Pier [noun]

Definition of Pier:

support; place for boats

Synonyms of Pier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pier:


Sentence/Example of Pier:

Hope came down on the pier to Malbone, who was looking at the boats.

On the south side of the pier a man had just tied up a motor-boat.

Seeing a pier jutting out, he heedlessly followed it to the very end.

The pier is all but on the bowsprit, and you think you are there—roll, roar, wash!

Now we were moving in close to the pier, with a whole fleet of tugs around us.

At every pier that I approached I received about the same reply.

They left the pier and passed through the station into the street.

Glancing down to the pier, he discovered that Beorn's eyes were also turned that way.

I towed her in to her pier, made her fast and then left her for a while.

The launch was fifty feet from the pier when I heard a shout.