Pies [noun]

Definition of Pies:

baked product made with flour

Synonyms of Pies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pies:


Sentence/Example of Pies:

Pies may be made of any of these birds in the same manner as a pigeon pie.

When cold, put it up in jars and keep it for pies, or for any common purpose.

You may reserve the citron to put in when you make the pies.

These pies are always made with covers, and should be eaten warm.

All these pies are served in slices, cut through to the bottom.

Sweetmeats made with syrups are formed into pies and tarts the same as raw fruits, and the same crusts may be used for them.

I asked him if he filled his pies with a trowel and you ought to have heard him sputter.

Pies that are made of stewed or preserved fruit should also be treated the same way.

At sunset they all returned to the tables and ate up what remained of the ox and the pies.

The maids who made their pies of mud, and danced in dirty alleys?