Pietists [noun]

Definition of Pietists:

holy person

Synonyms of Pietists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pietists:


Sentence/Example of Pietists:

She caused the Pietist to visit her daily and instruct her in the stern belief.

"You are not going to be a pietist, I suppose," broke in the doctor as he filled his glass.

The housemaid was a pietist and allowed to be so, as much as she pleased.

He began to race with her, and frequented the pietist meetings.

He was also a pietist from spiritual pride, as all pietists are.

A modern 'ape' might feel justified in calling him a pietist since he was converted!

Thinking he understood Talleyrand, he said to him: People make me out to be a pietist.

Kanitz is a pietist and legitimist, while Blow is neither one nor the other.

That would mean handing us over to the crown prince—the pietist!

He was not a pietist, and there was no great religious feeling in his work.