Pigeonhole [noun]

Definition of Pigeonhole:


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Sentence/Example of Pigeonhole:

He said coolly to the official who aroused him, 'Go to pigeonhole No.

And reaching behind him into a pigeonhole he extracted an envelope, which he passed to me.

He belongs to no class, evades the label, and fits into no pigeonhole.

I could make a square or pigeonhole corner or lay out a brick footing.

But he went to his desk, and drew a long sheet of paper from a pigeonhole.

The committee may pigeonhole it and not report it, or may report it too late for action by the body.

A category of pure reason is suspiciously like a pigeonhole.

The President tucked them into a pigeonhole of his desk without comment.

He pulled papers from the pigeonhole and spread them on the desk top.

A bill to erect a monument to him lies now rotting in some pigeonhole in Congress.