Piggery [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Piggery:

Once I was kept alive by a piggery, which I wanted to see finished.

The gentleman to the lady: "Will you occupy a piggery or a poultry-house?"

Night found Grunty Pig huddled close to the outside of the piggery.

Grunty Pig had got out of his pen and out of the piggery, too.

"It is making rather a piggery of the place," Everard said more than once to his wife.

The piggery and adjoining buildings were ablaze in several places.

It was seven dollars, which he had earned as waiter at the piggery.

Why face complacently in our own families what we would not tolerate in our piggery?

Then it was a dirty, unwholesome barn, overrun with vermin; now it was worse than a piggery.

I have got the nicest crib for you possible, just about twelve feet square, and in the harmonious vicinity of a piggery.