Piggishness [noun]

Definition of Piggishness:

overwhelming desire for more

Synonyms of Piggishness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Piggishness:

Sentence/Example of Piggishness:

Or is it simply the piggishness of me that makes you call me a monster.

It is a whim of mine to keep you aboard this ship, where my piggishness flourishes.

By their incessant vice-crusades they reduce the romance of sex to furtiveness and piggishness.

As we have never gone in for hog-raising he had learned the meaning of piggishness before he learned anything about pigs.

The organs which are given us for its sustenance are not to be denied by gluttony and piggishness, either in food or drink.

You would like to go back to the land, which is a favourable place for your kind of piggishness.

To get it patented, to make money from it, to revel in piggishness with all night in while other men do the work.