Pigheaded [adjective]

Definition of Pigheaded:


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Sentence/Example of Pigheaded:

He could be pigheaded at times, but his sense of justice was as keen as a whip.

There was nobody that he respected more than that pigheaded Peter.

Are 262 you going to unload a lot more on her just because you want to be pigheaded.

No idea that he had ever been pigheaded and wrong had ever been driven into his dull brain.

Oh, pigheaded is a better word, at times, if you insist on the truth!

Nothing will ever persuade me that you are as pigheaded as that.

Yes, sir: she's pigheaded and obstinate: there's no doubt about it.

But I was pigheaded and determined "to have one more flip in the old 'bus."

Viola is so pigheaded, if once she says a thing, she'll stick to it.

Everybody was on his side except Ayala herself, and that pigheaded Colonel.