Pigments [noun]

Definition of Pigments:

color, shade

Synonyms of Pigments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pigments:

Sentence/Example of Pigments:

"I need to know something about the pigment patches," he said jerkily.

And there were the splotches of pigment of which Calhoun had heard.

Tan also is due to pigment in the skin and is caused by light.

It is a matter of regret that this pigment is not equally efficacious in oil.

It has not been, however, employed as a pigment, or at least is not at present.

Like the chrome molybdate it would be superfluous as a pigment.

The place of the pigment is taken by gas-bubbles, and that is what causes the whiteness.

To save them from yellow fever, nature gave them pigment and lost them friends.

The pigment varies in individuals and in different parts of the body.

They had not forgotten to obtain some pigment, with which to darken the faces of their figures.