Pigs [noun]

Definition of Pigs:

animal of swine family

Synonyms of Pigs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pigs:


Sentence/Example of Pigs:

"He could have lived on the skimmed milk we feed to the pigs," thought Martin.

"You'd better give the pigs some shorts," said Amanda, abruptly.

Look at musicians—what a divine art, and what pigs of high priests!

Moreover they loved ear-rings, which were sometimes made of the teeth of pigs.

Nature is as plain as one of her pigs, as commonplace, as comic, and as healthy.

The horse-bastes, and horned-cattle, and pigs squeaking, has it all to themselves.

Camille was there, dispensing its promiscuous hospitality to men who ate like pigs.

Like Confucius, he received the great sacrifice of oxen, sheep and pigs.

"This is what love can be these days, foul as two pigs in a sty," said the harbor.

"Perhaps I shall be expected to dine with the pigs," he thought.