Piked [adjective]

Definition of Piked:

having a sharp end or part

Synonyms of Piked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Piked:

Sentence/Example of Piked:

They just jumped into their clothes, grabbed lanterns and piked after us.

Anyway, I have a hunch that this fellow has piked off to the north.

A hundred were burned in a barn, and thirty-seven were shot or piked.

Me and Andy strolled up one night and piked a dollar or two for sociability.

And among other there came sir Iohn Carew, with a goodlie band of piked men.

The prick of a knife was used—and often—to apprise the blinded prisoners that if they did not move they would be piked.

All works togither for gooid to them as is chozzen, and piked out fro' th' rubbidge.

On the way he met a man in hide sandals, carrying a large staff and piked with iron.

Sure he couldnt, less he piked a copy from another picture, Billie declared.

The deputies travelled on foot, with their piked staves in their hands, like pilgrims bound for some place of devotion.