Pilaster [noun]

Definition of Pilaster:

support; place for boats

Synonyms of Pilaster:

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Sentence/Example of Pilaster:

A small head or top of a column; the head or uppermost member of a pilaster.

Further, there was a pilaster in the middle, below the central bracket.

If not, come with me behind the pilaster, for I have something to say before we separate.'

In this loggia the name of Giovan Maria is carved on a pilaster.

It'll cost me three and six to get that there pilaster mended.'

The spiral staircase leading to this is cut in the thickness of a pilaster.

There is a central shaft, a pilaster on each side, and then the wall.

The compartments are divided by a shallow Buttress or Pilaster Strip.

I clung for support to the pilaster that finished the balustrade of the stairway.

It is fastened to the pilaster which supports the arch above.