Pilfer [verb]

Definition of Pilfer:

steal, embezzle

Synonyms of Pilfer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pilfer:

Sentence/Example of Pilfer:

He had some sort of an idea that he might pilfer the hospitality of his enemies.

The women make baskets, beg, pilfer, or sift and grind corn.

I have been shown the best spots, and I pilfer as well as I can—that is all.

If they win, they grab at booty; if they lose, they unhorse and pilfer their own side!

At all events, if she did pilfer, she was neither suspected nor discovered.

The movements of the red-haired girl were not those of one who sought to pilfer.

I suspect he has a plot with his apprentices to pilfer a portion of the metal.

The central idea of this modern folly about the potato is that you must pilfer the root.

The canonesses claim that we pilfer their friends away from them.

He never stooped to pilfer, until exposure and decay had weakened his hand.